Michelle T Holland

This is My Story

A few years ago I discovered my slayer.  She came when I needed her most.  She stepped up when I needed someone to step up and she helped me to live the life I wanted to live.  The slayer is the leader inside….she is strong, fierce, crazy, fun, resilient, risk-taking, future focused and she’s part of me.  Michelle is great, but the slayer is power.  You have a slayer inside and if you unleash her you will be able to live the life you want.

Michelle is an author, speaker and coach and one of Australia’s most engaging and thought provoking experts on creativity, culture and leadership. Michelle knows first hand the challenges and rewards of blending a creative life and a business life. She helps hundreds of people through talks, training and coaching to enjoy a life that they create on their terms.

Michelle has been bringing creativity into the workplace for well over 15 years by showing how creativity can create a business and life that is prosperous. She runs a creative leadership and culture consulting business, and has founded a software company with her creative partner in business and life, that empowers education in the arts.

Though stories, experiences and evidence, Michelle takes the reader on a journey with her to explore how they too can embody the power of the slayer and create the most amazing art work of their life.

The Boring Bio....

Self-Full – Are You Full of Yourself?

Self-Full - Are you full of yourself? You would be right if you are thinking that self-full isn’t a real word. It’s not. I’ve completely and utterly made it up. Shakespeare used to make up words all the time, so why shouldn’t I? When I was developing the slayer method...
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Learning – Its a Paradox

Learning - Its a Paradox Learning is a paradox. On one hand we can’t help but learn through our experiences. Our first few years of life are nothing if not an amazing feat of learning. The research tells us that we learn more in the first three years of our life than...
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The Slayer

The Slayer - She's You and She's Me, She's Everyone Many years ago I started to ask why some people went through tragic events and became emotionally stronger, while others became weaker. I started to look at times in my life where I felt strong, and the times of...
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Agile – Are You a Reed or an Oak Tree?

Agile - Are You a Reed or an Oak Tree? When you are a slayer, you are flexible in your thinking and your behaviour. You believe that moving with change assists you to grow and you take action based on this belief. Emotional intelligence, resilience, leadership,...
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Yogish – Everything is Connected

Yogish - Everything is Connected? Let’s get a little woo-woo. Just a little though, because I’m a practical chick by nature. But you have to expect a little woo-woo from me. I mean, we're using the metaphor of slaying vampires for goodness sake. And yes, yes, I made...
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Entrepreneurial – Get Sh!t Done

Entrepreneurial - Getting Sh!t Done When you here the word 'entrepreneurial' how does it make you feel? Exhilarated? Curious? Terrified? Confused? Envious? Full of anticipation? Apathetic? What if I said to you that many organisations, senior leaders, and society need...
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What Do You Mean I’m Irritating, Carl Jung?

What do you mean I'm Irritating? “Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” Carl Jung Well isn't that just a fabulously irritating statement. Thanks Dr Jung for that head slapper. I think this is one of those special...
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The Method In My Madness

The Method In My Madness Although I want you to learn my methodology, if I’m completely honest (which I always am) there are many ways to become a slayer. I’ve seen people stumble into being a slayer through a dark harsh period in their life. They conquered the pain...
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