Agile – Are You a Reed or an Oak Tree?

When you are a slayer, you are flexible in your thinking and your behaviour. You believe that moving with change assists you to grow and you take action based on this belief. Emotional intelligence, resilience, leadership, relationships, work, and life…all require you to flex. A slayer can flex, and sees the clear benefit of being flexible.

Are you a tall strong tree with deep roots, or a reed moving with the tide?

Both are beautiful and have a role to play, but ask yourself which one is going to enjoy the next thunderstorm more?

There will be constant thunderstorms that bash at you. If you can be like the reed you will discover a sense of fun and wonder in the times that normally would upset you. When you behave like the big tree you either completely ignore the thunderstorm or you are blindsided as one of your limbs falls off because of the wind that you weren’t prepared for.

I use this as a metaphor because I’ve seen so many humans and vampires standing strong like that tree only to loose strength and topple over, at times taking others down in the process.

In volume 2 of the codex I talk about the types of vampire. One of the vampires I discuss is what I term the ‘Immortals’. These are the strong trees who have dug their roots in so far that they will never move. They are so entrenched in the earth that they don’t even see they storm, or enjoy its beauty. They never change and they generally never leave. They are the ones that get in your way and try to steal all of your water when you are a small reed.

“The only thing that is constant is change.” Heraclitus

Look out for this kind of vampire when you are early on in your slayer journey because they will drop a branch on you, sometimes without realising.

In the face of adversity, and in the face of vampires, having the ability to be agile and flexible will save your life, time and time again. Learn about the keys to agility in The Slayer Codex Vol1: Unleash the Slayer Within.