Entrepreneurial – Getting Sh!t Done

When you here the word ‘entrepreneurial’ how does it make you feel?

  • Exhilarated?
  • Curious?
  • Terrified?
  • Confused?
  • Envious?
  • Full of anticipation?
  • Apathetic?

What if I said to you that many organisations, senior leaders, and society need people with an entrepreneurial mindset?

What if I said that to live a full life, to completely step up, to change your life and help others change theirs, to lead and grow, and to be a slayer that you had to have entrepreneurial spirit?

Now how are you feeling? If you are a person that is the natural born slayer, a leader and ambitious you are probably thinking…yeah duh…

However, if you are a person to which, contentment is a goal, who enjoys their job because you have good flexibility, a nice team and customers you like then you may be ambivalent.

If you allow your vampire to have an opinion you’ll be rolling your eyes thinking here we go again. The vampire doesn’t want you to be entrepreneurial because the vampire prefers it when you are miserable and act helpless.

Let me define what I mean by entrepreneurial in a SLAYER context.

When you are a Slayer you get stuff done, you set goals, you take deliberate action, you think strategically, and you enable others to follow you and contribute to your vision.

To be a truly great leader you must have a vision that others understand and care about.   You have passion, drive, and energy, and you succeed without harm to yourself or others.

The entrepreneur, intrepreneur, slayer, whatever you want to call them, is the person with the entrepreneurial mindset and is the leader of the future. They are the people who you look at in business now and go… “I don’t quite get what they are doing but I know that they are going to achieve it…” They have energy that seems to be unlimited and they take risks. And they get shit done.

Whether you want to work for yourself, be an actor or a interior designer, create a multi-national business, or work in an organisation for someone else, you can develop an entrepreneurial spirit. Although, I’m going to be frank here. There is a ‘type’ of person that responds to this more than any other. That type of person is…NOT A VAMPIRE.

If you want to know the key to Mastering Entrepreneurial, you’ll find the answers in The Slayer Codex Vol1: Unleash the Slayer Within