The Method In My Madness

Although I want you to learn my methodology, if I’m completely honest (which I always am) there are many ways to become a slayer. I’ve seen people stumble into being a slayer through a dark harsh period in their life. They conquered the pain and came out the other end as a stronger individual. They were challenged, hurt, battered, and bruised. They were stretched beyond recognition and they bounced back from adversity. Or as Sam Cawthorn, the amazing one-armed Australian speaker and author, would say, they have ‘Bounced Forward’ into a better version of themselves.

In my experience, and what I’ve seen experienced by others, its difficult to go through a significantly challenging period in your life without a large scar on your psyche. This scar can be jagged and ugly or it can be a beautiful addition to the person that you are.

There is an ancient Japanese art form called “Kintsukuroi” or also known as “Kintsugi”. This art form is the practice of repairing broken pottery by using materials imbued with silver or gold. The purpose is to create a beautiful work of art. The philosophy that sits behind this art form is that the beauty could not have been discovered without the item breaking.

I love this metaphor for change in people. At times the greatest beauty cannot be realised until the person has been through struggle, pain and heart ache.

Discover your slayer and unleash her into the world. Protect her and she will do amazing things for you.

By understanding, accepting and implementing the 6 Elements of The Slayer Codex you will discover, unleash and nourish your inner slayer, so that she can on with the job of cherishing, protecting and magnifying your unique brilliance.

The six elements of the Codex are:







The fable of the SLAYER is to show you that you can be a leader in your own way. You can achieve amazing things without waiting for permission. The slayer fable gives you permission to lead and acknowledges the work needed do that without authority. You won’t find leadership and your inner strength at the end of a two day workshop, or even at the end of this book. What you may find is the first step.

The skills and systems I’ve developed, help me to be resilient and manage the poor behaviours, attitudes, performance, and create the future that I wanted to create. They have helped me create the life I wanted to lead. Importantly they have enabled me to help other get the success they want, including my amazing kids Connor and Riley who are slayers already.

I hope that the systems, the information and the stories I share give you the inspiration you need to accept my invitation to become a slayer, and be the best possible version of you that you can.

If you are fed up with being an ordinary human and think the slayer life may be for you, start with finding out how she became a slayer in The Slayer Codex Vol1: Unleash the Slayer Within.