Unearthing Vampires (Physical Book)

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The Slayer Codex VOL2: Companion Book

Unearthing Vampires: Identify and remove energy suckers from your life once and for all

Back Cover:

Vampires are sneaky little creatures. They hide in every nook and cranny of your life. From the people at work, to the friends and family that you love, to the nasty little skeleton vampires that are in your closet, and in your head.

They sit in wait. They watch you and figure out your weeknesses and use them to their advantage. They are canny and crafty and they will win if you let them.

Having a strong slayer will keep those vampires at bay. But before you have a chance to slay (or save), first you will need to be able to identify them.

This book gives you:

  • a fun and practical guide for dealing with energy vampires
  • tells you how to identify the different kinds of vampires
  • the confidence to unleash your slayer
  • help to implement the methodology from “Energy Vampires Suck”

Unearth the vampires in your life, and say farewell to them forever.


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